Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Hey, want to watch a new clip from the premiere episode of The Spoils of Babylon? From IFC? That you keep seeing all of those subway advertisements about? You can! -IFC
  • This Conan supercut of local news reporters saying “It’s Ok, you can admit it if you bought a Christmas gift or two, or ten, for yourself.” is bonkers. -LaughingSquid
  • It’s the Simpsons’ 24th birthday! Happy 24th birthday, Simpsons! You have been here for such a long time! -WarmingGlow
  • An oral history of the Six Feet Under finale’s death montage. (Speaking of birthdays?) -Vulture
  • Josh Gad has signed on for a “major role” in an upcoming film adaptation of Gilligan’s Island. BUT WHICH ROLE?! AND WHY?! -ComingSoon
  • North West’s eyebrows are very “in” right now, but is that because Kim Kardashian waxed them to be that way?! Almost certainly not! But if we don’t think about that, what else are we going to think about? Our upcoming deaths?! -Dlisted