What Is Your Dream Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Wedding?

My dream BP/AJ wedding: The wedding will take place at the couple’s French chateau, or maybe even on this boat that they’re talking about. “Hmm, this guest list looks pretty good, but I feel like someone’s missing?” Brad Pitt will say. “Hmmm. I worked pretty hard on this guest list, Brad. I feel like if you were going to be so picky about it, maybe you should’ve helped?” Uh-oh. Trouble in paradise?! “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful for the work you’ve done, I just don’t– I’ve just got this feeling in my gut that we’ve left someone important off the list, which is totally my fault. I should’ve been more on top of it. But hmmm…Whom do we need to add…?” (Continued after the blurb in which The Sun talks about how one of the babies had an idea to have the wedding on a boat that he likes.) From The Sun:

BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE better have good sea legs – they’re up for a floating wedding. The couple have been making enquiries about getting married aboard the Hebridean Princess, a ship sailing the waters off Scotland and previously chartered by THE QUEEN.

Plans were underway for them to tie the knot at their French chateau. But they had a change of heart thanks to son MADDOX.

A source told Bizarre: “It was Maddox who came up with the idea of the ship. He came across it after looking back at photos of the Carnell Estate in Ayrshire, where they stayed and all loved. So now they’ve made enquiries into booking the whole vessel. It’s just what they’re after. It can hold up to 50 of their friends and family and serve as a traditional, romantic setting — all totally private. Or they could always sail to a secluded bay off the Orkney or Shetland islands and have the ceremony there. The kids are all hooked on old British voyages, so they would love it. The fact that Maddox found it makes it more special.

(CAN YOU IMAGINE BEING ONE OF THEIR KIDS?) “Hmm…OH! I know who we forgot to add to the list!” Brad will say. “Hah. You keep saying ‘we,’ which is strange. Do you mean me and your mom? Is that what you mean by ‘we’?” [Ed. Note: Not a “your mom” joke — in my dream wedding Angelina and Brad Pitt’s mom were the two main authors of the guest list.] “Angelina, please. I’m not trying to be disrespectful. Please let me know if there’s any other wedding stuff I can help you out with, but I do want to let you know that I — I — forgot to add OUR FLOWER GIRL, KELLY CONABOY!” “OMG, I can’t believe we forgot her!” Angelina will say. “Awww, you said ‘we’!” Brad Pitt will say, relieved. Ahhh, looks like things are perfect again in paradise. “I MEANT ME AND YOUR MOTHER.” [Big laugh.] Scene.