Wait, Are We Allowed To Make Fun Of Amanda Bynes Again Or Not?!

A supposed long-time friend of Amanda Bynes tweeted this and other screengrabs last night of texts the actress supposedly sent him in which she explained that her recent (and on-going) public meltdown was all just a carefully orchestrated performance achieving its intended outcome of garnering attention for the young star. Great. First of all, I wish that it were true! I wish Amanda Bynes was just tricking us all into liking her even more! (Although, her supposedly lucid argument that “everyone wants [her]” and that the “world loves [her]” seems a bit disingenuous. Everyone for sure is cruelly and inappropriately laughing at her? The world doesn’t care about her mental well-being?) I do love the way these texts were written, and how it is not a way that anyone writes texts, much less a drug-addled child star living alone in a filthy Tribeca loft or whatever the hell is even going on over there. “Wait, so Amanda, you are telling me that this was all just a genius plot concocted by a genius?” “Yes, my good friend for many years, that is what I am telling you.” Frankly, I don’t buy any of this, but even more importantly, fuck this friend a million ways for posting these photos because no matter what it is a lose-lose. Either he is simply disregarding what minor shred of privacy Amanda Bynes even has left by publishing personal messages intended for one recipient, which, RUDE, and even worse, no matter what, some people are for sure going to see this as a license to continue to tease, mock, ogle, gawk at, and otherwise torture a young woman who is clearly in need of professional help. Bad News Bears. (This is what the movie Bad News Bears was about.) In conclusion, uh NO, we are not not allowed to make fun of Amanda Bynes again. She is sick! Amanda Bynes is a sick lady! Give her some medicine!