This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

Big day today! For trailers, I mean! At least as far as we are concerned! I guess when you think about it, these trailers were released at different points during the week, so there were other days that were big days for trailers depending on what you are excited to see in the way of trailers, but I feel like you still get the point! Hobbit! Diana! Other stuff!

300: Rise Of An Empire

The only thing I really remember about 300 was getting drunk with two friends and walking through a snowstorm to go see it. We had fun! But it could have been circumstantial. I remember laughing a lot in the theater and getting shushed by people who were not laughing. As far as a sequel with a whole new cast and director goes, I kind of feel like this two and a half minute trailer is as much as I need? That was a fun trailer, bye!

In A World…

This looks very charming. I do wish that Lake Bell has cast more of her friends from How To Make It In America, but she weirdly never asked me what I wished.

Man of Tai Chi

I will see this, because I will see anything with karate fights in an otherwise empty room, but it looks kind of dumb. Did Keanu Reeves even buy a new jacket for this or did he just wear his fave Matrix Revolutions jacket?




I’m intrigued by a movie about a post-apocalyptic train where everyone just lives on a train because that’s a weird idea and I will be curious to see how that even works, but also the CGI in this does not look good. Maybe the Apocalypse messed up all of the CGI? Did the Apocalypse make all of the CGI very bad?

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Teaser

Guys, I never ended up seeing The Hobbit: Mr. Hobbit, which I had thought about seeing in the theater but then never really cared enough about, and then only heard such terrible things about it so I really lost my energy for it. Now I feel like I’ll just never see it. And so when the trailers come out for the next movies in the trilogy I don’t even care I’m just like, eh, I don’t even care. It seems boring. Is it boring? It seems like it could have been one fun movie (and I looooooved the Lord of the Rings movies, so it’s not like I am automatically not on board, if anything I should be right on board). Guys? Guys? Hobbits? Nerds?