Arrested Development And/Or Behind The Candelabra Open Thread

Considering that this past holiday weekend is, by all accounts, the kick off of the summer season, and a great time to barbecue with friends and just all around get into The Spirit Of It All, there were almost too many opportunities to sit in a darkened room and melt your brain out through your ears. In actual theaters you had Fast and Furious 6, which is a home run by the way, and Hangover III, which, no comment. (There were other movies, too, those are just the big ones. But people like Frances Ha, for example, and there’s still Star Trek and stuff out there. Plenty of movies if you hate being out in the world with your loved ones honoring the memory of those who served.) But this past holiday weekend you did not even need to leave the house there was so much junk to watch. For example: a great new episode of Mad Men. That show is so great this season. But much more importantly: new episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix! And Behind the Candelabra on HBO! Which one do you want to talk about FIRST? Personally, I have only watched the first two episodes of Arrested Development, and all I am willing to say at this point is that I’m very glad they released new episodes of Arrested Development if only to shut people up who would not stop talking about how they were going to release new episodes of Arrested Development. At a certain point, enough is enough David Karp. On the other hand, Behind the Candelabra! I wish I could have seen that movie without knowing the story behind it, but that’s the thing about the story behind it, it’s such an amazing story you have to know it. Also, no amount of knowing the story behind it can prepare you for ROB LOWE. Good Lord. He is going to sweep Best Nightmare Face at next year’s VMA’s. You know who else was good in that movie? Dan Aykroyd. Weirdly. No offense to any of the Aykroyd heads out there who only watched the movie for Aykroyd.

All in all, how glad are you that you canceled all of your plans and just stayed inside for four days? America #1.