50 Cent On QVC, Obviously

I love when celebs get so deep into the public persona that they have created that they are forced to pretend like they are going to seduce and then raw-dog a 60-year-old snake perfume saleswoman just because that is how they do. “That’ll work.” Will it, 50 Cent? “Oooh, girl, you smell like a sad scam.” Remember when 50 Cent used to brag about being shot nine times? Very gully. This whole thing is almost too gully. Also worth mentioning that in his movie Get Rich or Die Tryin’ there is a villain with a SWORD CANE. I know we’re losing the thread here, but mostly it’s just because my brain broke when QVC told me that 50 Cent’s purple headphones were on SALE for $250. We should all go back to the drawing board and start from scratch. (Via Uproxx.)