How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

There are rumors flying — bouncing off the walls, falling into cups of coffee, leaping off the screen, going into your mouth by accident, embarrassing you, falling out of the garbage — around the Internet today that True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard is going to be the actor chosen to portray Tarzan in the upcoming David Yates‘ Tarzan adaptation. For real, that news is being discussed A LOT of places on the Internet today, which makes sense because it is always pretty incredible when any actor is possibly going to be chosen to play a role in a movie. RIGHT? My only question is why I have not yet gotten an AP alert about the subject? The only AP alert I got today was that Obama has seen no evidence “at this point” that national security was damaged by the Patraeus sex scandal, which was a pretty good AP alert, do not get me wrong, they are all good, but why do I have that app if it’s not going to give me the news that’s important? N-E-Way, I’m sure Alexander Skarsgard is having a pretty good day, preparing to make his way from television stardom to probably cinema stardom, but what about you? How has your day been? Did you have a good lunch? Did you wear enough layers for how chilly it was today? Was it not chilly at all and you wore too many layers? Did you see New Girl last night and you could not stop laughing all day about the thing Nick said about the smiling guy’s blue hat? Let’s talk about it! How was your day???