See You Guys Later, At The Underwater Nightclub!

Can you imagine? A world where underwater watches I MEAN NIGHTCLUBS exist, free to be enjoyed by any watch I MEAN NIGHTCLUB AGAIN enthusiast whenever they want. Just slap on your waterproof watch, put your bathing suit on under your clothes, make sure you really trust your waterproof iPhone case because you’re def gonna need to check it while you’re down there, get to the club, disrobe, put on your underwater helmet, be taken down to the underwater bar one at a time on a moving platform, try not to think about what will happen if you all need to get out of there at once, or what if the moving platform breaks and you’re having a lot of anxiety about being underwater and you really need to get out but now have to wait for them to fix the platform and it takes A LONG time, or like what if there’s a medical emergency and no one knows because how even do they hear each other talk? Then you play spear darts and drink a drink through your helmet in a way that they couldn’t even pretend to figure out for this video. #underwater #getwasted #getwatches (Via Geekologie.)