This Week In GIFs!

With this week, we begin the long summer of our Thursday-night-TVless GIF roundup. How will we even survive? What other GIFs do we even LIKE? (Just kidding. We like all the GIFs. They’re all great!) And also, with Community having moved to Friday nights, how will we ever survive without Community GIFs? Everybody loves those Community GIFs! The Thursday Night TV post comments are always 92% Community GIFs! Will we just include the GIFs in the following week’s GIF roundup? I guess so. I guess that’s a solution. Problem solved! Let’s celebrate with some GIFs!

Saturday Night Live had its season finale!

We found out that Kristen Stewart has the world’s shittiest life!

Mad Men was on!

The war ended on Downton Abbey!

You can finally smell like The Avengers!

The Great Gatsby trailer came out and there are already GIFs for it.

Johnny Depp is a comanche now!


Ryan Reynolds is one of four actors!