Christina Hendricks Is The Conductor Of The “I Was Bullied” Train

We like to have fun here with beautiful, famous actresses who appear in interviews saying that they were unpopular and/or bullied during their high school years. “We have fun.” Generally it’s because no duh, EVERYBODY had a terrible time and high school, and second no duh, you’re beautiful and famous and you probably didn’t have as tough of a time as you’re letting on. At least let US have the bad high school memories! THE NOBODIES! That being said, Christina Hendricks maybe did have as tough a time as she is letting on in her recent interview with The Mirror?

My school days were pretty unhappy. I had the worst high school experience ever. I went to a very mean school and was bullied like crazy. I was a bit of a goth with purple hair and I was also part of the drama group, so my friends and I were all weird theatre people and everyone just hated us.

There was a long corridor with lockers on either side and kids would sit on top of them and spit on you. It was like something out of Lord of the Flies.

Gross! That sounds terrible, Christina Hendricks! I do feel badly for you and for anyone who is made to feel badly about themselves because they like drama and hair dye; that is super lame. And I hope that people who like drama and hair dye or are otherwise bullied can hear your story and take solace in the fact that it does get better. But, once again, even though I definitely believe that Christina Hendricks had a bad time in high school, the story goes on to say that right after she graduated she moved to New York City and became a PROFESSIONAL MODEL? Because obviously, as you can see from the picture, she was always very beautiful? It got better super fast for her, is what I’m saying. In conclusion: The stars, they’re not like us! (Via WarmingGlow.)