Emma Stone Does A Ryan Gosling Impersonation

Last night, I did a show with my good friends Max Silvestri and Gabe Liedman in which we debated the merits of New Hollywood vs. Old Hollywood against another team of performers made up of Dave Hill, Julie Klausner, and Rachel Shukert, moderated by comedian Jessi Klein. It was a fun event! You should have been there! Where were you?! But anyway, after Max’s very important slideshow comparing New Hollywood’s beautiful tight bodies to Old Hollywood’s disgusting trash bags (like I said, you really should have been there), which naturally featured an image of America’s Husband, Ryan Gosling, Jessi Klein made the point that Ryan Gosling has done more for gay marriage this past year than anyone because even heterosexual guys would def want 2 marry him. That is a good joke, Jessi Klein, because of how it is BASED IN TRUTH. Anyway, look, 2011 was obviously basically 2000RyanGosling, but here we are in 2012 and I’m not sure this thing is going anywhere. Look at us! A stupid paparazzi photo of Emma Stone making the same face that Ryan Gosling made in a stupid paparazzi photo of Ryan Gosling? UH YEAH, IT’S CALLED BREAKING NEWS AND THAT’S WHY WE ARE REAL JOURNALISTS. #Journalism #PaleyCenterForGoslingStudies (Via Pajiba. Click through to enlarge.)