The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

FINALLY! Finally it is Wednesday and we get to discuss all of the incredible animal videos that we’ve been enjoying quietly all week since last Wednesday. The dog climbing the tree? The meowing baby cheeta? THE BEAR CUBS? Don’t even get me started. Yet. Get me started in about thirty seconds. We had a lot of serious contenders this week, as we do every week and will every week for the rest of our lives until the internet is finally thrown into space. No end to the great animal videos in here. But the big question that everyone is asking and has been asking since last Wednesday is: WHERE DO THEY PLACE IN VIDEOGUM’S TOP TEN LIST? Very serious and very mathematical. Can the business man and woman from the accounting firm bring in the briefcases now? Perfect, thank you. Now let’s see how all of our animal friends fared.

10. Kitten Goes Down A Slide

9. Puppies Gang Up On Cat

8. Baby Cheetah Meowing

7. Puppy Wants Attention

6. Lamb Who Thinks He’s A Dog

5. How To Cuddle With A Seal

4. Puppy Climbs Tree To Get Stick

3. Capybara Hiccups

2. Pug Wants His Treat

1. Bear Cub Fight

And it’s the fighting bear cubs coming in at number one!!!!! A fan favorite, there were LOTS of rumors that the fighting bear cubs would be placing first this week and they did not disappoint. Congratulations. The unfortunate thing with the bear cubs video, though, and what almost cost it the lead is the humans talking over it. Humans? Please be quiet. This is a very serious competition and we don’t need any commentary from the peanut gallery. This goes for you too, pug with treat video. I’m sure the hiccuping capybara is probably disappointed, seeing as how last week went to the hiccuping puppy. He probably thought he had it in the bag. But, you know, this is a good life lesson. Never get cocky. You get cocky and you just mess everything up for yourself. Not that you really did that, capybara, you still did a great job — you got third place for goodness sakes. I’m just saying. You can’t hiccup your way to first place every week.