Headline Of The Day: Anthony Weiner Approached For Cameo On Entourage

Whoa. It’s barely even 10AM and already we have the headline of the day! That’s a wrap! Break for lunch! Other things you shout when the work is done! The headline of the day comes from the Hollywood Reporter, along with the actual story:

Entourage executive producer Doug Ellin has reached out Anthony Weiner to play himself on the show. Though the request went out before Weiner resigned from office Tuesday, don’t count on seeing him on the eighth and final season this summer. Asked what response he has gotten from Weiner, Ellin just says, “Nothing.”

Ellin has a reputation for going for hot topic guest stars — he pursued Charlie Sheen for a possible guest slot last season but never heard back.

Cool. Can we all agree that entertainment news is the best? So interesting and fun. This is basically a story about a guy who cannot get anyone to return his phone calls? Neat! The Hollywood Reporter should do a front page story about my Tweets to Frieda Pinto. I think she’s really pretty! She’s never written me back for whatever reason, but she’s famous, so there you go: NEWZ. I do hope Anthony Weiner, currently reeling from the SEXTing scandal that ended his otherwise brilliant and full-of-potential political career, which itself was rooted in some very poor decision making skills, continues the Whoops Streak with an appearance on one of the worst shows in the history of television. “Turtle, pull the campaign bus around, we’re going to the Playboy Space Station!”

Oh, also this:

Apparently, Ellin is also scouting New York locations for his new HBO series 40, with Ed Burns, shooting in September, which Ellin refers to as “the educated Entourage.”

Hahahha. Yesssssss! Can’t wait. Quick question, though: what does “the educated Entourage” mean? Because Entourage is VERY stupid, so you can’t just say that something is the opposite of that and have us understand what you meant. “He’s like a stupid Albert Einstein.” What? Is it going to be a group of tenured professors arguing over whose turn it is to buy weed and who has to fuck the fat one? Or is it literally the same group of characters except this time they all have their GEDs and Johnny Drama knows how to read? The educated Entourage. Oh man.

“Just what I needed.” – The World