Ketchup Moving Machine Has Finally Been Invented

Video of this semi-liquid-moving machine, SWITL, has been floating around the internet since March-ish, I think. Not that I saw it then. But just in case you saw it then. “Already checked this machine off the ‘humans did it’ list that I have stored in a locked box in my room, it’s a very long list, don’t waste my time.” “Even outside of this video, I’m sure you are aware that the perfect ketchup moving machine had already been invented, why must we constantly reinvent the ketchup wheel.” I’m sorry! You’re right. But this video is new, the one after the jump, and worth a look. It’s from FOOMA Japan, the international food machinery and technology exhibition (“I know”), and it shows how this machine will actually be used, which is very boring, but it also shows the machine picking up ketchup that is spilled on a table and moving it without changing its shape, which is VERY EXCITING!

Ahhh! I’m glad I don’t have to invent things like this because I would have no idea how to do it. I can’t wait until I can own one of these. And I pick up spilled ketchup with the machine, and it keeps its shape, and then I clean it off of the machine. And people will ask, “Why don’t you just clean it off of the original surface?” And I’ll repeat the same question back to them but with a stupid voice, because they will be so stupid. (Via Reddit.)