Stupid Graffiti Marriage Proposal Isn’t That Bad

It must be disappointing to be a guy who publicly proposed to his girlfriend in the past few years and didn’t have his video talked about all over the internet. “I rented the banana costumes and everything.” Sorry, those guys. Maybe you weren’t handsome enough and didn’t have a cute enough girlfriend, unlike these people. Or this might just be an ad for iPod sneakers (sneakers for your iPod), I’m not sure. My first instinct was to compare it to this video (the video with all the folders that the guy put on his wife’s desktop for their anniversary from two months ago, remember?) that I thought was just the dumbest thing. Uh, folders? There were so many folders you had to open and each folder had like one word in it. Booooo. Just tell me happy anniversary like a normal guy. FORGET! Am I right, ladies! This has gone off the rails. Anyway, that was my first (very negative) thought because maybe I am a (very negative) person. Like, just don’t do something dumb? Just do something nice and not in public.

In thinking about it more, though, as far as public wedding proposals go, this one is not so bad. At least he didn’t gather a crowd! And they seem very happy. Great. Good for them. I hope they spray paint lots of walls together forever. I’m sure they will have graffiti wedding invitations and that their wedding colors will be “graffiti.” Graffiti wedding dress. Instead of a guest book they’ll have a wall and spray paint and you tag it with your tag. The person marrying them will wear a Banksy monkey mask. (Via ViralViralVideos)