Game Of Thrones Premiere: Open Thread

Tonight marks the beginning of the Passover holiday for those of the Jewish faith, and so some of us may be at our parents’ houses right now, sitting in our old bedrooms. It’s hard to say who’s doing that, impossible even, and I’m certainly not pointing fingers or naming names. There is simply no way to know who is or who is not at their parents’ house today and who may have even gotten into town last night, and who, upon getting into town, remembered that his or her (?!?) parents did not have HBO because they have never had HBO and when some of us were growing up, again, who knows who this happened to, but that was a constant source of frustration, because having HBO was a status symbol, like Marithe Francois Girbaud jeans, or Mazda Miatas, and some of us may have desperately craved that status not to mention were very curious what this whole Dream On was all about. In any case, yesterday, upon arriving to this theoretical parents’ home, it’s entirely possible that some of us remembered that we were now going to be missing the highly-anticipated premiere of Game of Thrones, and we may have even given our mother a hard time about not having HBO, and our mother might have explained that she doesn’t watch enough TV to warrant spending the extra money on a premium channel, and, although it goes without saying that I’m merely speculating here, I have no idea what people do in the privacy of their own parents’ home, some of us may have found this argument from our mothers uncompelling and even gone so far as to compare our plight with the Jews escaping Egypt (topical). But worse, of course, because there was no time for Moses to lead one’s parents HBO. And so, last night, it’s entirely reasonable to believe that at least one regular reader of this site probably, not sure, ended up on some weird German streaming website that had the first episode of Game of Thrones up in a low-rez player that was passable for getting a sense of the series although nowhere near an ideal viewing set-up, and so some of us may have only caught a small, pixelated, constantly buffering version of the first episode, and missed the second episode entirely, but still feel confident in saying that this show is GREAT and promises to deliver everything that anyone who was looking forward to it had hoped, but with the reservation that he or she would still like some time to watch it properly and at the very least to be caught up narratively (although he or she may have actually read the books a million years ago NO NERDO and kind of has an idea what’s up but also kind of not because it is not like he or she keeps carefully drawn maps of The Narrows and The Winter Keep or whatever the hell). That seems fair. Good luck, whoever you may be!