Tyra Collette IS Wonder Woman

Whoa, fellas. Whoa, LADIES. This is the first image of Adrianne Palicki, who played Tyra Collette on Friday Night Lights, as Wonder Woman from the upcoming David E. Kelly pilot on NBC. (Wait, David E. Kelly, like, creator of Ally McBeal and Boston Public, David E. Kelly? Yes, that David E. Kelly!) Yowza! I guess? To be honest, Wonder Woman was never really my type. I’m just saying. We don’t need to get into details because first of all it is none of your business and second of all, even if it was your business, it is 9:30 in the morning. It is far too early to be talking about “types” and then getting all up into them and just really hashing them out. Yuck. The basic pre-breakfast takeaway is that Adrianne Palicki is clearly a very attractive woman who stays true to the Wonder Woman aesthetic and so if you do the math that makes her a very attractive Wonder Woman if that “does it for you” even though we’ve already established that anything “doing it for you” is not appropriate conversation material for this time of day.

That being said, if we could just go back to my type and getting “it” “done” for a second: even though Wonder Woman never did it for me, Tyra Collette was hot stuff, right? (It’s OK to say that about someone who is in HIGH SCHOOL as long as it’s all make-believe, right? Yikes. I’M PROBABLY GOING TO TV JAIL. GOODBYE.) And since I still have not actually seen season 5 of Friday Night Lights, for all I know, this IS Tyra Collette. She leaves Dillon and spends a semester at UT and the next thing you know she’s got an invisible airplane and a golden lasso and Landry’s like “Come to my Crucifictorious show, you can run security,” and Tim Riggins is like, “Land owner.” So I guess Wonder Woman is my type. THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME PAGE ABOUT WHAT IS AND WHAT IS NOT MY TYPE AND WHETHER OR NOT A BEHIND-THE-SCENES PHOTO FROM AN UPCOMING SUPERHERO PILOT DOES OR DOES NOT “GET IT DONE” WHATEVER THAT MEANS BUT YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS. (From OK Magazine. Click through to enlarge. Thanks for the tip, Scott.)