Your 2011 Academy Award Best Picture Nominee Cocktail Recipes

The 2011 Academy Awards are this Sunday! Yay! We’re all going to watch it together, right? You already entered in the Videogum Oscar Pool, right? Good. Now on to the real business: WHO ARE YOU DRINKING?! (Get it? Like “who are you wearing” but for drinks?) For the second year in a row, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has put up 10 nominees for Best Picture, which means 10 signature cocktails. Yum! Something for everyone! (Except children! Nothing for children!)

The Black Swan
2 oz Kahlua
2 oz half and half
Hangnail zest
Stir with a bloody feather.

The The Fighter
2 oz Sam Adams
1 oz Bushmill’s
6 oz sweat
Garnish with a sm-med crack rock

The Inception
48 oz Nyquill
Serve on a trans-atlantic airplane

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The The Kids are All Right
2 oz white wine
8 oz white guilt
Serve in the perfect glass found on a Sunday afternoon antiquing outing while reading The Atlantic or Harper’s

The The King’s Speech
4 oz champagne
Apply Anbesol thoroughly to lips and gums before drinking

The The Social Network
12 oz keg beer
A generous dash of sense of entitlement
Serve on a crew boat with a lawyer present

The 127 Hours
12 oz rain water
Stir with a severed limb, preferably an arm
Serve in a Nalgene bottle

The Toy Story 3
6 AA batteries
1 brief glimpse at the yawning abyss
Serve in a sugar-rimmed sippy cup

The True Grit
3 oz corn whiskey
2 oz dust
2 oz steely resolve
Shake on horseback (horse should be exhausted from three days long ride)

The Winter’s Bone
3 oz moonshine
3 oz crystal meth
1 face tattoo
Drink while wearing a vintage sweatshirt or a squirrel-skin cap