Cindy Jacobs Says The Repeal Of DADT Killed All Those Birds. I Say SHUT UP, Cindy Jacobs.

Supposedly, Cindy Jacobs is a “prophet” but she doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page, so she can’t be that good. In fact, she’s probably terrible if this new video of hers is any indication. In it, she argues that the reason all of the dead birds and dead fish have been falling out of the skies and bubbling up from the lakes is because of the repeal of DADT. Oh lord, here we go. Of course, in order to even get to THAT ridiculous and offensive nonsense theory, she has to begin with the bible, which, you may recall, DOESN’T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT WHO CAN FIGHT IN THE UNITED STATES MILITARY. And so, her founding premise is that the birds and the fish actually died because of gay…marriage? Except that the repeal of DADT doesn’t have anything to do with gay marriage? So what is she even talking about? (It goes without saying, but I will say it just in case, that obviously even if the repeal of DADT did have something to do with gay marriage, that would still not be the reason that the birds and the fish are getting murked.) It’s so weird that someone who is seriously arguing that birds and fish are dying because of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (a federal mandate instituted in the biblical year of 1993?) hasn’t thought the whole thing through very well! Usually these people are rigidly logical and they always rest their case.

Oh shut UP, Cindy Jacobs. You stupid asshole! (Via BuzzFeed.)