That’s Your Bat Mitzvah DJ: Paul Rudd

Between the following video (after the jump) and Tina Fey’s 1-900-OK-BANK commercial yesterday, this week has given us plenty of reminders that everyone has some embarrassing skeletons in their closet, and that actual celebrities have the double-embarrassment of having those embarrassing skeletons VIDEOTAPED. Also, when I say “embarrassing skeletons in the closet” I mean that quite literally. Did you see what Tina Fey was wearing yesterday? Her Jonathan Taylor Thomas IS Frodo Baggins outfit? Well if you thought that was bad, then you thought right, because it was very bad, but also you will think what your bat mitzvah DJ, Paul Rudd, was wearing was bad, too, because holy cow: BAD. Whatever. Everyone has to put food on their families. Which, in the Rudd household at the time this was filmed, I believe consisted of a used sofa and a roommate between jobs. If anything, I’m just concerned that my skeletons aren’t embarrassing ENOUGH. How will I ever land the lead role in I Love You, Man 2: Mo’ Homo?

Paul Rudd bat mitzvah DJ CAUGHT ON TAPE, after the jump:

You ladies probably still like this, don’t you? “It turns out, lemon tuxedo shirts with cut-off shorts and army boots is one of my favorite outfits.” Ugh, you ladies are incorrigible! (Via BuzzFeed.)