The Videogum “Why Don’t YOU Caption It?” Contest: Jersey Shore Cast At The New York Stock Exchange

This morning, the cast of Jersey Shore rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange. Sure. You know how it is when you’re conducting high-volume complex financial trades with shockwave ramifications for the global economy and you look up and it’s like, heyoooooooh! The new season, of course, premieres this Thursday, and the cast has already signed on for a third season, which means that we will get to see the passion play of their struggles with newfound fame acted out in full followed by the passion play of their struggles with the inevitable decline of public interest unfolding in real time! Seriously, I’m as interested in seeing our old pals get up to some of their Classic Garbage Shenanigans as much as anyone, but this show/cast can’t possibly have that much steam left once the novelty wears off. I really liked the first season of the Real World, too, but I wouldn’t have wanted to follow the Adventures of Eric Nies for years either. Anyway, better caption this photo now while it still makes sense to do so.

The winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball, or as DJ Pauly D would say, “winner will receive special placement in huh I forgot what another Vodka Red Bull please.” (Photo via BestWeekEver.)