All The Stand-Up From Last Night’s Premiere Of Louie

So, Videogum Absolute Favorite, Louis C.K., has a new show on F/X, Louie, which premiered last night. And: it’s good. It is a good show. (Sidenote: Louis’s last show, Lucky Louie, was not a good show, as much as it pains me to say it. I watched the whole thing, and I told people it had “promise,” which is to say, I TRIED.) Two episodes aired back-to-back last night, but we will confine our discussion to the pilot/premiere because some of us, it could be any of us, really, only watched the first episode, and are saving the second episode for a DVR treat, and cannot be fired because we quit. So: the bus sketch was charming enough, and I laughed out loud at “you red-headed nobody piece of shit” (context is useful, but so watch the show!), and the date with Chelsea Peretti had some really great moments, especially the bathroom sequence and the old helicopter gag. This show has a lot of promise, and I really mean it this time!

But here is the thing: the best part of the show was Louis’s stand-up, which is what happens when you are The Best Stand-Up Comedian in America. These interstitial “tone pieces,” meant to set the stage for the sketches, were by far the funniest and most honest part of the whole thing. And watching these jokes (for the second time*) kind of made you, or at least made me, wish that the show was just a half hour of Louis telling jokes on stage. No offense to the sketches, which were some of the funnier, best written, and most interesting things I have seen on TV in awhile, but in side-by-side comparison, they lose every time. And so, please enjoy all of the stand-up bits from last night’s premiere episode of Louie:

The show may be uneven and take time to get it’s footing, but the show has this, and this is the best. So.

*FULL DISCLOSURE: Every stand-up clip from last night’s premiere was taped at the “free” live show that I attended last spring, which you can read about, if you want, for some reason, here.