Wall Street 2: Greed Is Old

Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps trailer, you guys:

The tagline for this movie is: “This summer, get ready to–HEY, A BLACK GUY IN A LIMOUSINE?! NOW I HAVE SEEN IT ALL! LOL EVERYTHING IS UPSIDE-DOWNSIES!”

I will see this movie, and I don’t even care that Michael Douglas looks like the victim of a botched Face/Off surgery with the Crypt Keeper, but the fact that they had to use the “greed is good” callback line in the teaser trailer is STRIKE ONE. If they had just buried it somewhere in the movie, and had two characters look at each other and wink, I would have let it slide. But this thing is 30 seconds long. WINK ON YOUR OWN TIME, WALL STREET 2: THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH WALL STREET!