The Videogum Pizza Party

Oh man, you guys. What a great pizza party! “Huge success!” (Borat). Thank you to everyone who came and made it such a fun night. Of course, it would have been great if everyone who wanted to be there could have been there, but hopefully we will do another one some day, because it really was a good time, and I hope that the people who were able to make it agree with me about that. Thanks again to Two Boots pizza for all of the delicious pizza (Yum! Pizza!) and thank you to Cole and Heathers Bar for letting us use your bar and also for drink specials that helped to deal with some of the initial awkwardness. Thanks to @gabeliedman, @joemande, @julieklausner, and @lindsayism for showing up. Thank you to commenter Dafs for the very friendly phone call placed to the bar wishing everyone a happy time, it was only a little bit creepy that you did that! And double-thanks to commenter PracticallyInformation who could not make it but still managed to mail us some Twilight: New Moon party plates to eat off of. We had a photographer there at the beginning of the night (thank you, Ryan), but he had to leave to photograph Usher or something, so there are obviously lots of people who are not represented in this gallery, but each of them is thanked and appreciated. I am sure that I am missing some exciting detail from the night, so feel free to improve upon my reporting. I am not a journalist, and I have never claimed to be a journalist. I’m just a guy who loves pizza and having so much fun.