My The Black List, 2009

The 2009 edition of Franklin Leonard’s annual Black List has been revealed. Basically, this guy Franklin Leonard is some Ari Gold in Hollywood, and he asks 311 of his fellow agents and producers and executives and Hollywood BROS (the number is a reference to Leonard’s favorite band, probably) to vote on their favorite unproduced screenplays of the year. It is basically the best place to find out about movies that you may or may not see in two years from now from the would be Diablos Cody of the world. It’s kind of interesting, I guess. Last year’s list, of course, included Walter Black’s now legendary screenplay (you know how legendary screenplays can get) for The Beaver, which was filmed this year, starring Mel Gibson (?) and directed by Jody Foster (??). It’s the list where Vinnie Chase discovered Medellin, I’m sure.

In any case, another Black List was also released today, which is Gabe Delahaye’s Annual List of Unproduced Imaginary Movies. This goes over great ever year. If you don’t believe me, check out last year’s EPIC comment thread. And then check out My Black List after the jump.

  • Dragon At The Wedding
  • Mentally Ill Man Has A Sad Job 2: Dump
  • Two Dorks In Fucking Love
  • I’m Sick!
  • Welcome To Blog Town
  • Life Is All Around Us
  • Black Rape

What a great list I just made up. Very worth it. This is probably the most popular thing I do every year, so far be it from me to not give the PEOPLE what they WANT.