Saturday Night Live: Relax, TechnoJosephGordonLevitt

This week’s episode of Saturday Night Live might have been the best of the season so far*, and that was due in part to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I guess, but man, that guy needs to RELAX. He was literally bouncing off the walls to prove to America that he was an “ENTERTAINER.” We get it, Joseph Gordon-Levitt! You are hosting Saturday Night Live! You are doing great! On the one hand, it was nice to see someone trying so hard after January Jones last week showed us all just what coasting on your looks actually looks like. But on the other hand, there is clearly an “uncanny valley” of effort, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt crossed it. Bill Maher New Rule: the host of Saturday Night Live should not be working so hard that the viewer begins sweating nervously. Anyway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s neediness and exertion aside, it was a pretty good show.

First and foremost, of course was the triumphant return of What Up With That?

Some monsters were suggesting that this sketch was “ripping off” Videogum’s own Teen Korner. It’s not. Duh. We all know that. But you can kind of see what those monsters are talking about!

And I know that this recurring sketch is very divisive, with people either enjoying it very much or the opposite of enjoying it very much, but I am in the former camp, and thus this sketch will get its due recognition. Besides, it didn’t even air for some reason, but they put it on-line, because sometimes NBC actually does know what is what. CONSIDER YOURSELF RECOGNIZED, SKETCH!

But probably the best of the episode was the Woman to Woman show:

Haaaa. Women be shoppin, indeed! Anyway, good job everyone. Even you, Gordon “Chill Pill (As In I Need A)” Joseph-Levitt.

*I am completely ignoring Dave Matthews (and all musical guests) in this calculation.