Invictus Or: How Rugby Ended Racism Forever

Invictus trailer, you guys:

Finally, a movie that combines my two favorite things: uplifting underdog sports triumph stories with historical examinations of institutional racism. High five. The best part about this movie, though, isn’t the surprising triumph of the South African rugby team against all odds, but how it reminds us that racism is over and everyone in South Africa has moved from the shanty towns into modern homes with electricity and running water and windows for windows instead of mud-slicked garbage bags. That is why District 9 was such a failure, because it didn’t make any sense. “Metaphor? What metaphor? If you want to talk metaphors, why aren’t the prawns and the humans uniting over their mutual love of rugby?”

Actually, no, the best thing about this movie–the second best thing being its realistic and important portrayal of how rugby ended racism forever*–is Matt Damon’s accent. “I’m a doohly appaynted fedehral rugby.” (What am I even talking about, everything about this movie is perfect.)

*In South Africa. Rugby ended racism forever in South Africa. If you would like to learn how racism was ended in America, you need to watch the Clint Eastwood documentary, Gran Torino.