How Is It That Every Cat On The Internet Is Cute?

Look, the Internet is basically the caternet. We know that. In the future, there won’t be an infinite number of websites appealing to every niche of the human world. There will just be one website. And it will be a top 10 list of cute cats. Some of them wearing casts on their broken paws. But how is it that every cat on the internet is cute? Surely there have to be some cats that are not cute, but none of them are on the Internet. (They’re probably in some catfugee camp somewhere, hiding.) Like look at this little guy. He has a 13-INCH ARROW STICKING OUT OF HIS HEAD. And yet, when you hear the reporter tell his harrowing story, all it sounds like is “awww awww awww, cute cute awww.”

What a great attitude he has, right crazy lady who thinks cats have attitudes? Still, so cute, despite having a giant weapon sticking right through his fuzzy face! The Internet sees the world through cat-colored glasses. (Via HuffingtonPost.)