The Hills Season 6: We’re Gonna Need A Bigger ))<>((

Trailer for season 6 of The Hills, you guys:

It’s hard to figure out what Kristin Cavallari says in the part that’s bleeped out. “You [bleeped] with the wrong girl, dude.” Hmmm. “You have devoted an unreasonable amount of your precious and limited life to being interested in the most vapid, insufferable, unwatchable, and also in addition to as well as with the wrong girl, dude.” That’s probably it. This show is Villard de Honnecourt’s elusive perpetual motion machine. They just keep shoving shitty nightmares down the funnel at the top (this machine has a funnel at the top where the shitty nightmares go), and the empty-drama-blades churn them into a bloody froth of self-satisfied nonsense, which is then reduced over an open flame of lukewarm schadenfreude and funneled BACK into the machine, and so on, the same poop, back and forth, forever.

I have to admit that MTV ended this trailer with a funny clip. IS his majesty going to wear that ridiculous cowboy hat everywhere? Maybe the answer is inside this gun! “Gun, is he going to wear that ridiculous cowboy hat everywhere? What’s that? You can’t hear my question? Let me put you in my mouth and see if that is any bett[gunshot]”