What Should Be The Tagline For Bad Boys 3?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Columbia Pictures has hired a screenwriter to write a script for Bad Boys 3. Great news! That must mean that Rush Hour 4 is already in the bag. So far, neither Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, or Michael Bay are signed on for the new movie, and the prospect of a Bad Boys 3: The New Class (starring Ryan Reynolds and Matthew Lillard) is TBS Very Funny. But probably they will be signed on. And when they are, they will need an exciting tagline! Here are a few suggestions:

Bad Boys 3: Badder Boyser
Bad Boys 3: Shit Just Got More Real
Bad Boys 3: This Should Have Come Out Three Years Ago
Bad Boys 3: Old Dogs 2

Do you remember the part in Bad Boys 2 where Will Smith and Martin Lawrence drive a Hummer through a shanty town? And it’s supposed to be, like, an exciting chase scene, but all you can think about is the fact that they’re cavalierly destroying people’s already pretty miserable lives (and probably killing many of them) with their stupid fucking yellow hummer as they shout and laugh and trade quips? That was one of the most offensive things I have ever seen.

“More of that, please.”

(Thanks for the tip, Octavis.)