That’s Your Gathering: The 10th Annual Gathering Of The Juggalos

This is INCREDIBLE. A 14-minute infomercial for the Lillith Fair of garbage monsters. “It feels like what it feels like for a Muslim to visit the holy land of Mecca.” The second half of this video alone will basically juggablow your mind. Watch all of it.

You should hire DJ Clay and Sugar Slam to host the infomercial about your Bar Mitzvah. They’re juggagreat. But you have not lived until you have been on a HAYRIDE with a bunch of drunk dudes in clown makeup who smell like Denny’s. Stilt walkers?! A truly magical time with people just like you. There is sex in the air, DON’T DOUBT IT.

“Magicians and hypnotists walking around that shit.”
–Your Tombstone

Whatever, it’s the Juggalos world, we just make fun of the Juggalos in it.

While everybody else was busy acting like they were above gems such as “Bugz On My Nutz,” Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope were forging a media empire for their base of extremely devoted followers, the Juggalo Family–sort of like a rap-alliance between Deadheads and the KISS Army. The Family spread rapidly across the poorer swaths of the Midwest and established a huge and more or less self-sufficient underground with its own distribution network, porn, churches (seriously), charities, file-sharing services, anti-drunk-driving coalition (JADD), initiatory secret society, GLBT activist, pro- and backyard-wrestling circuits, and two MySpace variations ( and the possibly defunct

(Via Vice.)

Look, I am all for people feeling like they are part of a family. But needless to say, WHOOPS, that’s your family.

Have fun at your Gathering, you guys. Don’t get raped. (Video via Ted Leo.)