The Joaquin Phoenix Prank Continues Apace

In the event that you were wondering if Joaquin Phoenix was still working hard on his prank joke in which he makes A Mighty Wind 2 The Streets with his friend Casey Affleck, yup. He is. From the AP:

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Joaquin Phoenix appears to be getting into the act of being a petulant hip-hop star.

He jumped off the stage during a short performance at a Miami Beach nightclub early Thursday morning and confronted an audience member who was heckling him. Security guards dragged him back on stage and escorted him away.

It’s unknown whether the confrontation–and his pledge to quit acting and start rapping–was real or a put-on, but actor Casey Affleck recorded the performance on camera.

Right. It’s unknown whether the surprisingly out of character confrontation between a Hollywood actor and a “heckler” captured on film by Casey Affleck, star of Gone Baby Gone and Ocean’s 13 was real or a put-on. Absolutely no way of knowing. Hey, could you bring the scientists in here? I know the scientists won’t have any more luck than we will, what with this being completely unknowable and everything, but it would be nice to at least have the scientists confirm that there’s absolutely no way to know one way or the other. Science.

You know, I’m willing to accept that full grown adults are reporting on this story for the world’s leading news source, that is the world we live in, but they could at least write about it in a way that didn’t make America look like a nation of dumb babies scratching their soft heads as King Phoenix put on a play for his own amusement. Off with our heads! (Sorry.)

UPDATE: Video of the incident now available.

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