Kanye Judges Big Butts And He Cannot Lie (Or Sing)

Kind of NSFW.

(via Nah Right)

This video is fascinating to me. Not just in the nudge-nudge way that it’s got hot girls in bikinis doing dances so sexual that I’m not really sure they’re dances any more. They’re like butt-based performance art. It’s fascinating because this is one of those moments where you are reminded of how big the world is and how many types of human experiences there are available. For some of us, a typical day is squeezing in a couple of hours of TV after work before going to bed and doing it all over again, hoping that our landlord doesn’t raise the rent too much on the new lease and that the heartburn from our spaghetti dinner goes away soon. And for some of us we sit in fold out chaise lounges on a break from touring the world in order to snap cellphone photos of beautiful women having a “booty shaking competition,” and as far as we’re concerned that’s a real thing that happens and it’s only natural that we’ve been asked to judge one.

Also nudge-nudge!