Just A Quick Follow Up On The Tourette’s Syndrome Girl From This Morning

There has been some debate in the comments section on the Tourette’s post this morning about whether or not there’s anything odd about the girl who can’t help but shout “the n-word” all the time. I made the argument that despite the unimaginable nightmare that this disease poses, I simply don’t understand why it happens to be that word and only that word. Many of you took up one of the following arguments, either that it is simply the struggle with a borderline subconscious verbal connection and her inability to restrain the impulse SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE she knows it’s wrong, or the argument that “Gabe sucks, bring back Lindsay.” I just wanted to simultaneously reiterate my genuine sympathy for what I cannot even imagine this family must go through (although maybe they could have gone through it without being on TV, but OK!), while also pointing out that this article from a 2006 (that video is so old, it turns out!) issue of the Guardian UK that deals with Jessica and her struggle has the following passage (thanks for the tip, Edith):

She takes offence when people call her racist. “I’ve got loads and loads of black friends. When I say it, I won’t make a reaction, I’ll just act normal. If somebody comes up to me and says, ‘What are you saying?’ I’ll say, ‘Oh sorry, I’ve got Tourette syndrome,’ and 99% of the people who are black will say, ‘Oh, I’m sorry.’ Even the baddest people, like the girls who are all ghetto and who will smack you and they just go, ‘Safe, safe, that’s fine’, and they’re normally really good about it. People have called me racist in the past and I could just kill them. Accusing people of racism is a bad offence.”

Yikes, you guys. The she has loads of black friends argument? “Even the baddest people, like the girls who are all ghetto and who smack you”? But we’re still going to say there’s absolutely no reason that it happens to be “the n-word” that pops to mind all day long? Should I rest my case, or do you want to rest it for me?