lindsay: I read spoilers for movies I don’t even want to see
gabe: well that’s not a spoiler
gabe: if you don’t want to see the movie then it doesn’t count
gabe: then it’s just saving yourself time
lindsay: well, true, but I read the other ones too
lindsay: whenever I see a trailer for a thriller, I go to to see if it’s up yet
lindsay: Like Flight Plan starring Jodie Foster. haven’t seen it, know the end
gabe: well, that’s still not a spoiler
gabe: but right, i don’t do that
lindsay: I don’t think a truly good movie can be spoiled
gabe: that’s not true at all
gabe: what?
gabe: explain yourself

lindsay: well, knowing almost everything about no country for old men didn’t spoil it for me
lindsay: I mean, by “good movie” I mean a really good movie
lindsay: not just a moviegoing experience
gabe: but your enjoyment can change
gabe: i read No Country For Old Men already so there weren’t any surprises
gabe: it’s still enjoyable
gabe: but it’s different
gabe: the tension isn’t there in the same way when you know the outcome
gabe: also, i think that spoilers not only ruin surprises but they distract from teh rest of the movie
gabe: because i get wrapped up in “when is the thing i know about going to happen”

lindsay: That’s true, but with The Dark Knight, how is seeing Two Face’s face going to spoil it?
gabe: well i never said that
lindsay: I mean, unless it’s normal
gabe: although i do think that for some nerds it just takes away from the excitement of the reveal
gabe: which is fair
gabe: the thing is, regardless of where you stand on spoilers, i don’t think you get to make the judgement for other people about what is or is not one
lindsay: I wasn’t?
gabe: well you’re saying “how is that a spoiler”
gabe: as in “you can’t seriously be bothered by knowing/seeing that”
gabe: and i’m saying some people can
lindsay: I know, or it wouldn’t be such a big deal
lindsay: But I guess I’m thinking of all the really great movies I’ve seen
lindsay: and I’m not sure if they could have been that spoiled
lindsay: but the bad ones could?
gabe: but again, i don’t really follow the argument that a movie can’t be spoiled
lindsay: Like, people go INSANE over spoilers
gabe: you’re saying that it can’t be spoiled for you
gabe: which i guess is fair
gabe: except that even you
gabe: admit that your experience of the movie is way different
lindsay: There are people out there who don’t even believe spoilers should exist on the internet, because they can’t control themselves from clicking on them even when they know it’s a spoiler.
gabe: ahhahahaha, who are these people?
lindsay: So it’s like wanting cigarettes to be illegal because you can’t help yourself from smoking them
gabe: you are just making things up now
lindsay: No, that is a very real thing
gabe:well i think that spoilers on the internet
gabe: even for people who don’t have this ridiculous compulsion that you just imagineered into existence
gabe: spoilers are frustrating becasue most sites will put that shit in the title
gabe: or in the photo
gabe: or in the first three words of a post
gabe: there’s very little effort made to protect people from spoilers
gabe: whcih i think is shitty, because it’s deciding how other poeple get to experience things
gabe: there are ways to still have the discussion without ruining it for people who don’t want to particiipate
gabe: i.e. putting it after a jump
lindsay: it would be funny to imagine old movies with twists in the era of blogs
lindsay: like “We Found Out What Kind Of People Soylent Green Is Made From!”
lindsay: “Here’s Where To Buy A Sled Just Like ‘Rosebud'”

gabe: haha
gabe: well, with your vast knowledge of spoilers
as a spoiler connoisseur
gabe: do you spoil things for people all the time?
lindsay:This girl spoiled The Sixth Sense for me the night it came out by loudly yelling the twist at a party
lindsay:So I’ve never been able to experience that movie like the rest of the people in the world

gabe: So you know the pain of a well placed spoiler?
gabe: is that what you are saying?
lindsay: Yes, but I would never do that to someone?
lindsay: I’m not saying that it’s okay to spoil without permission!
gabe: right
lindsay: I’m just saying that for a movie like the dark knight, everyone is up in arms but you can’t really spoil the whole movie if it’s really as good as it’s supposed to be.
gabe: sure but there are so many trailers and leaked footage from that movie that i refuse to watch anything else because i feel like i’ve seen half of it and my enjoyment actually will be diminsiehd
gabe: and that’s not even spoilers, that’s just promotion
lindsay: Well, it’s just overhyped
gabe: keep your laws off other people’s spoilers, robertson
gabe: it turns our you’re a jerk.