Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno Enters The Octagon

There’s a report on the AP today about a cage fighting match in Arkansas that became a gay sex-for-all. After people were lured to the “Blue Collar Brawlin'” event with promises of $1 beers and some heterosexual displays of physical dominance, the fighters ended up stripping to their underwear and rubbing on each other, ending the fight with kisses. Reports the AP (via Intelligencer):

The audience, as well as local fighters drawn to take part in the show, became enraged. “It set the crowd off lobbing beers,” Holland said. “They had beers in plastic cups. Those things can get some distance on them actually.”

Holland said it took officers about 45 minutes to clear the convention center, as the two actors sprinted away through a specially set-aside tunnel.

But since the audience was told that they would be filmed during the event, and were asked to sign waivers, it’s suspected that this was a stunt for Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno movie, due out next year. This is great news. Not great news that the proud tradition of Arkansasan cage fighting hasn’t been tarnished by two men fighting God’s word, because fuck the proud tradition of Arkansasan cage fighting (Fuck it slowly. Slower.), but great news because this might actually mean that the Bruno movie will be funny.

Yesterday things didn’t look so good.

A story surfaced involving an interview the fake gay Austrian TV host conducted with the real former Israeli spy and Palestinian academic Ghassam Khalib. It went something like this:

“Vait, vait. Vat’s zee connection between a political movement and food. Vy hummus?”

We exchanged astonished glances. “Hamas,” we explained, “is a Palestinian Islamist political movement. Hummus is a food.”

“Ya, but vy hummus? Yesterday I had to throw away my pita bread because it vas dripping hummus. Unt it’s too high in carbohydrates.”

The Hamas-hummus confusion went on for several minutes. Then, the interviewer declared: “Your conflict is not so bad. Jennifer-Angelina is worse.”

YIKES. That joke should spend the rest of the summer in remedial laugh class because it flunked it’s funny final (obviously I did great in AP Metaphors). Anyway, I avoided that story yesterday because I was concerned that Bruno was a disaster, and I like Sacha Baron Cohen and didn’t want to suggest that he kill himself. But if today’s story is true, then the movie will be as funny as the name “Blue Collar Brawlin’,” which is very funny. Success!