Russian Wanted Trailer Gets It ?????

Yes, the trailers for the movie Wanted look terrible. Yes, I think that’s probably because the movie Wanted is terrible. But this unsubtitled, graphically violent Russian trailer for Wanted makes it look great:

( via /film)

????????? ??????. Not that all the nonsense about curving the bullet made sense in English (it’s like the ancient art of bowling?), but when it’s literally unintelligible because you don’t speak Russian this movie becomes much more palatable. It’s also interesting to notice that there isn’t very much Angelina Jolie in this trailer. Apparently, while we thought the Russian experience of the Cold War was all pouring water on cereal and using pantyhose for toilet paper, it was actually an elaborate nation-wide re-education program on how to recognize when actresses are terrible at their jobs and aging badly, and adjust your marketing programs accordingly.