An Important Message For The Presidential Candidates

In this year’s historic election, voters will decide who will lead the country at a pivotal point in our nation’s history. And while there are many things of deep concern to Americans (the economy, our tarnished image in the international community, gas prices, global climate change, terrorism) the one issue that is of course at the forefront of our national discussion is the intractable mess we’ve created for ourselves (and everyone else) with the war in Iraq. It will be up to whoever wins the White House in November to find a solution to that crisis, or else face the wrath of an angry citizenry, tired by broken promises.

But there is GOOD NEWS! I believe a solution to the War in Iraq has been found.

We simply need to jump on Iraq’s bed while screaming unintelligible drunken taunts, toss Al Qaeda’s suitcase into the hallway, and then back that thing up in Osama Bin Laden’s face!

That is how you win a fight, people.