Kanye West Publicly Apologizes To Beck (And Bruno Mars)

Kanye West has officially told Beck that’s he’s sorry: “I would like to publicly apologize to Beck, I’m sorry Beck,” he tweeted earlier today. Does this mean it’s over? Please? After Kanye called Beck out on his so-called “artistry” following his win over Beyonce for the Album Of The Year Grammy, he’s spent the past few weeks backtracking and clarifying his comments in just about every interview he’s given. Now, Beck’s free to follow in Taylor Swift’s footsteps and start collaborating with the guy.

While he was at it, Kanye also apologized to Bruno Mars, who he previously dragged following a performance at 2013’s MTV Video Music Awards. He also, of course, extended an invite to work with him:

Since he seems to be on a roll, does Kanye have any outstanding beefs he should wrap up?

[Photo by Robyn Best/Getty.]