Inheaven – “Slow”

Inheaven’s debut single “Regeneration” is a heart-stopping bit of punk rage, clawing its way back to earnest with some gorgeous, light-as-air female harmonies. The London-based band have opted to go the fake-interesting route of not revealing any personal information about themselves, so I can’t address her by name, but that same woman handles lead vocals on the B-side, “Slow.” (She might also be the one who stars in the track’s video that we premiered). This track pulses with the same blurry, barely-contained white noise as “Regeneration,” toeing the line between melodic and full-on clamor. It feels perpetually on the brink of exploding into a huge, heavy chorus, but never does, sticking instead to a leisurely trickle. Listen below.

“Regeneration” b/w “Slow” is out 5/5 via B3SCI/AMF records.

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