Ariana Grande Shares Donutgate Apology Video, Fails To Acknowledge Malicious Lick

Ariana Grande is making international headlines for an alleged donut-licking incident. Not only that, but she also dared express anti-American sentiments, which every public figure knows is a big no-no. At first it seemed like just a funny, weird news story, but apparently now the police are involved. (As Courtney Love points out, this seems like overkill). However, now would probably be a good time to mention that we don’t know for sure if Grande’s tongue made actual contact with the donuts or not. The police are calling it “malicious licking” but I’d argue that’s it’s malicious near-licking. Anyway, she doesn’t acknowledge any of that minutia in the new apology, surely for legal reasons.

In her original, written-out apology, Grande focused in on obesity in America, explaining that as the impetus behind her outburst. But now, in the new four-minute video she apologizes for her poor choice of words and acknowledges that she’s never been prouder to be American given our recent political breakthroughs over the last few months. She says she made a mistake and that’s how we learn and grow. Hearing her talk about mistakes just makes me think of “Best Mistake” — a song that she’s now probably joined us all in wishing didn’t feature Big Sean. Watch the full apology below.