Hear Prince’s New Alternate Version Of “This Could B Us” From HITNRUN

Earlier this month, Prince announced that his new album, HITNRUN, will debut exclusively on Tidal, after he pulled his music from all other streaming services. The meme-inspired “This Could B Us” is not a new song — it originally appeared on Prince’s 2014 album Art Official Age — but its production has been reimagined for the forthcoming release. The song follows-up HITNRUN’s first two singles, “HARDROCKLOVER” and “Stare,” and the single artwork uses that same meme. Hear the song in full on Tidal, or listen to a snippet below, and decide if you like it better than Rae Sremmurd’s song inspired by the same meme.

HITNRUN is out 9/7 exclusively on Tidal.

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