Stream Kylesa Exhausting Fire

Next week, thundering Southern groove-metal overlords Kylesa will follow their great 2013 album Ultraviolet with a new one called Exhausting Fire. The band has proved over the past decade that they can do clattering double-drummer fuzz-riff fury like few others, but they’ve also spent a couple of albums expanding and refining their sound. They’ve found a place for melody and for atmosphere, and Exhausting Fire spends as much time doing a psychedelic-gothic churn as it does all-out raging. It’s a powerful sound, and it makes for one of the best metal albums I’ve heard all year. We’ve posted the band’s songs “Lost And Confused,” “Shaping The Southern Sky,” and “Night Drive.” And now, thanks to Noisey, you can hear the whole album below.

Exhausting Fire is out 10/2 on Season of Mist. Pre-order it here.

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