Crystal Castles Announce First European Shows With Edith

Crystal Castles broke up back in 2014 and soon after, Ethan Kath announced that he would continue the project without Alice Glass and that Crystal Castles would be fronted by a mysterious girl named Edith Frances. Glass responded to Kath’s statement via Twitter, asserting that there is definitely bad blood between them, and then released her first solo track “Stillbirth” in the summer of 2015. Michael speculated on who “Edith” could be, and came up with a few possible conclusions, most of which pointed to the notion that “Edith” was an alias for another singer — maybe even Kath himself. But as it turns out, Edith Frances is very much a real person, and she performed with Kath at South Africa’s Synergy Live Festival last year (pictured above). The duo just announced that their first two European tour dates will take place 2/23-24 in London at the NNE Awards show (hosted by Electrowerks). Check out tickets here, and watch a video of Crystal Castles performing “Deicide” in South Africa below.