Alice Glass Responds To Ethan Kath’s “Manipulative” Statements About Crystal Castles

Looks like the Crystal Castles beef is officially ON. Yesterday, the band’s producer/instrumentalist Ethan Kath released a new song called “Frail” under the Crystal Castles moniker, and in the process, slagged off former bandmate/singer Alice Glass, saying, “she didn’t appear on Crystal Castles’ best known songs,” and, “people often gave her credit for my lyrics and that was fine, I didn’t care.” Kath claimed “Frail” was sung by someone called Edith — whose mysterious identity I attempted to unspool earlier today (tl;dr: I think Edith is actually Kath). Today, Glass fired back! The ex-Crystal Castles frontwoman took to Twitter, claiming that Kath’s accusations were entirely false. Here’s what she had to say in a series of Tweets:

There you have it. FWIW, that second tweet — about her having been a member of the band since its inception — gives my conspiracy theory an additional bit of backing. WE’RE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS HERE, PEOPLE.