Sioux Falls – “Dinosaur Dying”

Sioux Falls tap into a more burnt-out, muted side on “Dinosaur Dying,” the third single from their upcoming debut, Rot Forever, following “Dom” and “Soaked In Sleep.” Issac Eiger sounds listless here, passively musing about repeating patterns (“your mom and dad survive encased inside their childhood residue”) and storied histories (“it sounds like a dinosaur dying, just like those long nights when you’re not even crying”). He seems poised for a change — “I’m getting so sick of myself/ The dumbest tics have become routine” — but his escapes all come from fiction: “I had a dream you were in a book that I am reading/ Won’t you come see Pile with me?” (A welcome invitation, if only it sounded like it would ever happen.) The song ends up stuck in itself in the end — “I know it slips and gets displaced beneath the waves that live in you,” he repeats until the fade. Listen via Punknews below.

Rot Forever is out 2/19 via Broken World Media/Standard Brickhouse.

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