Prince Rama – “Slip Into Nevermore”

The way-out Brooklyn psych-pop duo Prince Rama are gearing up to release their new album Xtreme Now — a concept album based around extreme sports, probably the most delightfully random thing a band like this can base an album around. We’ve posted the tracks “Bahia” and “Now Is The Time Of Emotion.” And today, they share the lush, spacey jam “Slip Into Nevermore,” which has some seriously ethereal harmonies and a driving acoustic-guitar backbeat. According to the band, they wrote the song “inside an ancient Viking ruin on a remote island in Estonia as a last minute resort to try to prevent a friend from committing suicide.” It worked! Also, it sounds a bit like Dead Can Dance, and that’s a good thing. Check it out below.

Xtreme Now is out 3/4 on Carpark.

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