Homeboy Sandman – “Talking (Bleep)” (Prod. Edan)

New York rapper Homeboy Sandman has always had a light touch and a self-aware streak, and he’s lately been on a real tear. Last year, he teamed up with Aesop Rock to release the Lice EP. And later this spring, he’ll release a new solo album called Kindness For Weakness. We’ve already posted his “Life Support” video. And today, he shared “Talking (Bleep),” a funny and infectious new song with a warm, organic beat from Edan, the great early-’00s beatmaker who is hopefully gearing up for a comeback. (He also did the very good Mr. Lif single “Whizdom.”) “Talking (Bleep)” is a song about a series of annoying conversations, structured around a joke about other people sounding like the adults-in-Peanuts-cartoon non-verbal noises. Check it out below.

Kindness For Weakness is out 5/6 on Stones Throw.