Watch Ty Segall Bring His Insanity To Conan

Whenever Ty Segall has been on TV lately, whether performing on Colbert or on a local Chicago news show, he’s been increasingly unhinged and bugged-out. And on last night’s episode of Conan, he may have taken his whole act to new extremes. Performing “California Hills,” a way-out psych-rocker from his new album Emotional Mugger, Segall brought back the creepy-as-fuck giant baby mask that he wore on that Chicago morning show. And this time around, the Muggers, his touring backing band, got in on the act as well, with each of them wearing some sort of deranged-looking old-man costume. It is one hell of an insane performance, and Conan O’Brien appeared to love it. Check it out below.

Emotional Mugger is out now on Drag City.