Watch Ty Segall’s Creepy Performance On A Chicago Morning News Show

Ty Segall released the bugged-out psych-rock album Emotional Mugger earlier this year, and last month, he appeared on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show to give one of the weirder, more provocative late-night TV performances in recent memory. But he may have topped it earlier today. This morning, Segall appeared, with his touring band the Muggers, on a morning news show for the local Chicago network WGN. It’s hard to say how Segall ended up playing on this show, even though he did give a similarly insane performance on the same show in 2012. Today, Segall came onstage, wearing a jumpsuit and a giant baby mask, to a recording of a baby crying. He kept the mask on throughout the performance, and he ended it by screaming the word “Chicago” over and over, sounding like he was being shocked with electricity. And during the performance, there was a cutaway to a news anchor that just killed me. You’ll know it when you get there. Watch the creepy, absurd performance below.

Emotional Mugger is out now on Drag City.

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